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The interior journey is often distilled to three “big questions”:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What am I to do?

As long as we’re alive, the question of who we are and how we should live remains open.

David Corbett

We change. We grow. We revisit our nature and our purpose. Story and archetype inform, inspire and guide this process. Archetype, a term rooted in Jungian psychology helps us understand our internal self - mind, body and spirit. Mythology helps us see who we are in relation to our community, our world and the universe. Imagination informs new ways of participating in the world, through visioning and creating. These are the gifts of story.

make connections

Stories make connections outward into the world and inward to the self


Reading is an act of power, and learning how to get the most out of its possibilities can be an invigorating activity. For all its associations with quietness, solitude, and the sedentary life, reading involves - at its deepest level - action and interaction.

“Reading fiction may ultimately contribute significantly to the way we understand and experience our own lives.”

Jerome Beaty, Norton Anthology of Fiction


Stories not only reveal who we are individually and in our collective manifestations, they also inform us as to how we move through the stages of our lives, how to live dynamically in a dynamic world.”

Cindi Anderson, Phd, The Power of Story to Enrapt and Entrap Us


find meaning

Stories help us find meaning in our experiences, endure our suffering, embrace our joy


Three Tools of Story to take your reading to the next level

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Who am I?

What is an “archetype” and how will it change the way I read? Use the drop down menu here to explore archetypes in story. Or, learn more about archetypes and literature by clicking the image above.


Why am I here?

Just because a story is a ‘myth’ doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Use the drop down menu here to find blog posts about ‘myth’. Or learn more about the truths in mythology by clicking the image above.


What am I to do?

“You can only dream of what you can imagine.” (Trevor Noah). Use the drop down menu here to find blog posts about ‘imagination’. Or learn more about the power of imagination by clicking the image above.

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GoodWords owner Christine Christman has a b.a. degree in journalism, m.a. in english, and experience in writing and teaching. She brings her relentless curiosity to the exploration of story as a vehicle to bring meaning to life.

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