Where is your story sweet spot?

Stories have different effects on different people. Your motivation for reading or watching stories could be called your “sweet spot”, what you receive from the story. A few possibilities:

I’m not weird! Other people do this (feel this) too! (a mirror to your experience)

I wonder how I would react if I was in that situation…(a window into another’s experience)

I feel empowered by her story

I feel inspired by his story

Your “sweet spot” is that place where you connect with stories as they help you answer the big three questions.

I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. Harriet the Spy was the first novel I read and connected with. She kept a journal! Something new that I could do! She spied on people, an observer. I feel like that all the time!

But I didn’t really understand why I loved to read and how reading affected me. Much (much) later I studied literature and began to understand how and why stories influenced me. But you don’t need a degree to do that exploration.

Now, I use story to enrich my life and better understand myself. My “sweet spot” is where literature and spirituality intersect. I am inspired by feminism and mind-body-spirit healing. My hope is that here you will be inspired to explore and enrich your own “sweet spot” through story.