Interview with Logodaedaly Author Erzsebet Gilbert

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to sit down with Logodaedaly author Erzsebet Gilbert for about an hour.  We covered a host of topics from the birth of the book to favorite authors and writing process.  Here's two excerpts. In the first excerpt, I asked Erzsebet to tell us about the birth of the book. You'll notice in the interview she makes reference to an auto accident that she describes in the book's introduction.  So as not to leave you in the dark, here's a bit of the story:

But as circumstances are won't to take their somersaults in due course I awoke in a pale room under that unnatural scent of constant sanitation, with nausea and staples in my head, whereupon I unhesitatingly murmured yes to David's wedding proposal as he stood perpetually by  my bed (and then, as a most romantic side effect of anesthesia I vomited).  As I was informed and believed not, I and my beloved brothers had been in an automotive accident and lay now in a hospital's care.  Apparently, we were briefly on fire, and truly quite over dramatically my head had split open and required two surgeries; 'twould seem that nine days of amnesia had been compassionate, lending me disbelieving shimmers rather than trauma.  O! the bump upon the head!

But in blood, ink, and ash - the fundamental elements according to some - the invaluable old copy of the OED given that day to me by my devoted father had burnt somewhere upon a riverside road, the whispering death of definitions.  And I think it not excessive to conjecture now that the added weight of all those words may have influenced for good or ill the acrobatic automobile.  I may blame the page, if I am feeling irresponsible today.  I may thank the page, as well, for I remain alive to read and write and breathe. 


In the second I asked her if she had any favorite words.


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If you want to get a copy of Logodaedaly or just check out Wolvering Farm Publishing, here's the link:  Wolverine Farm Publishing.