The Signature of All Things

"I will tell you why we have these extraordinary minds and souls, Miss Whittaker," he continued, as though he had not heard her.  "We have them because there is a supreme intelligence in the universe, which wishes for communion with us.  This supreme intelligence longs to be known.  It calls out to us.  It draws us close to its mystery, and it grants us these remarkable minds, in order that we try to reach for it.  It wants us to find it.  It wants union with us, more than anything."

I would call this love.

Ah, Elizabeth, I am enthralled at the beauty of this book.  I felt so smug having come to the same conclusion as Alma, before you presented in the book!  But then I thought, hmmm, was this indeed some brilliant writing that, like a mystery writer, was giving me clues all throughout the narrative so that I would, indeed, draw this conclusion before it was presented to me on paper?

Was this some magical alchemy of writing and spirit that led me, opened me to this realization of truth, and then presented it to me in crystal clear prose that I could embrace and welcome, for I had already been predisposed to do so?

Regardless, the experience enriched my life, and it was fun!