I learned a new word today: Sartorial:  adj.  1. of or pertaining to tailors or their trade:  sartorial workmanship.  2.  of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress:  sartorial splendor.

I learned it because I found this web site which I love:

If you like "street fashion" this site is a lot of fun...lots of "on the street" shots.  Some runway stuff too, thought that doesn't really grab me.

Author bio:

Founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.In addition to the blog, Schuman’s work has been featured in GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, andInterview; for GQ, Schuman shot and edited his own page for over three years.