If You Like Words, You'll LOVE This

I'd like to introduce you to this lovely book, Logodaedaly by author Erzsebet Gilbert and illustrator Sherise Talbott.  Speaking of fun with story!  In this beautifully written compendium of archane and abandoned words, Erzebet takes us on a linguistic journey filled with whimsey, fantasy and exploration.  Sherise complements the written word with a style both childlike and sophisticated. The title alone is such a fetching example of what the book contains that it's sheer aptitude is delightful.  Here's what Erzsebet has to say about logodaedaly*:

"Now the Reader shall find the Morphology of the word, this being "How-It-Came-to-Be:  its Etymological Roots in the language of some-aught country or another, whence come various peoples from whom the word is stolen, and its Subsequent Form-History in English, changing as it is warped or misspoken, misspelled or perverted by literary whim and crafty talk.    Therefore:


[adapted late Latin logodaedalia...from logos...word, reason, or speech; and daedalus...cunning, or related to Daedalus, mythic architect of the Minoan Labyrinth and creator of the wax wings of Icarus]

*the book is filled with Greek and Latin version of the word in their original symbols which I don't have t patience to look up on my computer, if they're even there, so you will find the ellipses (...) in place of those versions of the word.

Intrigued?  You can get Erzsebet's book at Matter Bookstore, in Fort Collins, CO or from Wolverine Farm Press' website.