Christine Christman

Christine Christman

Welcome to my reflections on the world through the lens of story, myth, symbol and archetype.  GoodWords captures my journey as I explore, expand and enrich my life.

As a young journalist I learned to love story as the first staff writer for Exhibitor Magazine, an entrepreneur's vision in a rogue industry.  A twenty something aspiring journalist,  I listened to story after story and crafted the raw material - the contributions of many marketing mavericks and risk-takers -  into articles, then books.

As this collection grew and expanded in the trade show industry, a series of best-practices emerged.  In the true archetype of collective wisdom, professionals shared their experience and a community gathered. I was fortunate to be invited into a team of creative forward-reaching people who nurtured this new space in the world of marketing.  My takeaway... communities emerge when stories are told.

Fast forward to the classroom, where as a non-traditional student in my forties I completed a Masters in Literature and dove into creative writing.  I found, there, a connection to the writers, the story tellers and the collective consciousness they create.  I began to recognize those moments of reading where I felt, yes! yes!, they are reflecting my experience back to me...what I feel, what I think, and how I might see myself in their created world.

Now I continue my writerly journey with essays and creative writing.  Story is truly the deepest, most ancient tool we have to communicate, to teach, and to influence change.

I invite you to join the creative exploration of what emerges when stories are told.

As Virginia Woolf says, We all indulge in the strange, pleasant process called thinking, but when it comes to saying, even to someone opposite, what we think, then how little we are able to convey! The phantom is through the mind and out of the window before we can lay salt on it.

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